Taking the right path in making your print project a reality will determine its ultimate success, as judged by a number of criteria: accuracy, impact, timing, and cost effectiveness. But in this age of digitization, your choices are as varied as the printers who exist to offer them. Pequod is unique in our wide array of options, ranging from old school traditional to cutting-edge technological. More importantly, we provide the expertise and consultative approach you need as a print buyer to set your project along the right road to success. With almost twenty years of experience in the print industry ranging from prepress, through print and postpress and fulfillment, we see ourselves as your partners, skill and technology sharers, and problem solvers.

Most printers just love ink. We are different in that we also love working with our clients, solving today’s challenges but also developing long-term relationships so that in the long run, we become an indispensable partner in your company’s daily operations.

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