The Way We Work

To design is to inspire. That is what we do. we work with you on all your visual needs; logo, website, sales materials, marketing; in order to inspire you and your clients. with over a decade of communication design behind us, we will work to meet and exceed all of your project goals.

Designing is often a subjective process that requires planning to produce successful results. Pequod is experienced at handling a project from start to finish. We often begin by trying to understand your organization's mission and vision before we attempt to capture those values visually. As much as we can, we try to take the subjectivity out of the process using a language that clarifies and sharpens your message.

Website Design

We've been involved in website design and construction since 1997 when Pequod launched its first website. A great deal has changed since those early days. The web has become more than just a way to post an online business card. Pequod can help you achieve your organization's web-based goals whatever they might be: community building, e-commerce, branding, communications, internal organization, intranets, etc.


Multimedia is transforming corporate communications. Everyone has a 15-minute Powerpoint presentation (snooze). How is your message going to be heard over the constant hum of business-speak? Multimedia excites and interests while informing and delivering an impact-filled message. Pequod can create your message through every step: scripting, storyboarding, videography, music, sound, voice-over, special effects, motion graphics, video editing and 3D rendering and animation.