Case Studies

OPTILED: Bringing a Company to Life

Challenge: LED lighting for general illumination is the way of the future, and OPTILED wants to be the major distributor of a technology which will save the US billions of dollars of energy usage. But having been a pioneer in this new field that is only now truly catching on, the OPTILED brand was associated with the performance of previous management teams. So the new management team had a series of challenges: it wanted to separate itself from the “old” OPTILED; the key people were literally spread out across North America and needed a means of staying in touch with each other; their new sales strategy involved signing on a network of distributors and manufacturer’s representative and no website or collateral materials existed for them; while product manufacturing was going to be done in Asia and warehoused in the US, there was no inventory tracking system in place. In short they needed to build a company from the ground up and do it fast.

Solution: Engage Pequod to tackle this litany of Print, Design, Marketing, Web/Multimedia, and IT challenges!

Result: As one of our most all-encompassing projects, it is hard to know where to begin. Our IT staff installed a server to host their intranet while also purchasing off-the-shelf warehouse management software that they then modified to allow realt-time inventory tracking via the web. Meanwhile, our design staff worked to create a new logo and branding guideline. After completion, they updated old sales collateral and created sell sheets for a new sales binder for OPTILED’s new product releases. We worked with a fabricating company on a new trade show booth and launched a series of press releases highlighting OPTILED’s new product offerings. Given our expertise in warehousing software, OPTILED even decided that it made sense for us to be their east coast warehouse for distributing samples and small orders. Watch as we help OPTILED brings eco-friendly lighting to our world!

Anderol: Online Document Fulfillment

Challenge: A senior administrator at Anderol, a specialty lubricants manufacturer, struggled with the daily requests for literature from a salesforce spread throughout the globe. I want my people spending time with client concerns not literature requests. How can I make getting them what they need easier?

Solution: Implement Procure, Pequod’s comprehensive web-based fulfillment system. The web-portal is secure and easily accessible online (24/7) using a multi-level login and password. The system showcases all company brochures and marketing material categorized by name, category, or even language. All items are warehoused in our location and shipped on demand. When orders are placed, they are shipped and automatically recorded and tracked to assure delivery and follow-up by the sales force.

Result: From 2004 to the present time, Anderol has enjoyed a streamlined system that helped them keep close control on the distribution of material while managing their departmental budgets and costs. The company has been able to account for their marketing spending and measure their ROI in relation to their sales activities. Cost savings due to reclaimed space, freed up staff, and efficiencies of scale have helped the company bottom line year in and year out.

SunX Lasermarkers: Integrated Marketing Plan

Challenge: SunX, a division of Panasonic, had a cutting edge laser marker it was launching in the US. Ordinarily they used a distributor network for sales, but they decided to handle sales of this item completely on their own. That meant marketing in a completely different way.

Solution: Pequod’s specialty is integrating varied marketing channels into a cohesive program. The program was comprised of 1) a Website/web application ( to manage information; 2) collateral material to support the marketing of products; and 3) print advertisements to generate leads and develop product and brand awareness. The website was launched in conjunction with the release of two ads that Pequod designed in the leading industrial magazine (New Equipment Digest). We determined that an advertisement in a trade magazine was a strong targeted place to begin generating leads. The Web Application acted as an informational hub that handled prospect request for more information (brochures and sell sheets) while collecting their contact information in a database for follow-up by the sales force.

Result: As desired, the program generated qualified and very interested leads (about 25 responses per ad placement). The cost per lead was high, but an impressive 30% became customers within a year of their initial contact. The revenue generated was more than twenty times their marketing outlay. A mailing initiative followed the two successful ads to develop brand awareness and recognition while focusing on the product benefits. A survey led by the publication (New Equipment Digest) showed that 65% of the readers exposed to the ad recalled seeing the brand name and products.

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